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Vibrating into Health

Vibrating into Health

Project Description Objectives: By using leading edge treatments my aim is to improve or restore individuals health, wellbeing and emotional state of mind.

My objective is to find a coach/mentor that can guide me on how to reach and grow my client base and my business, and fill in the gaps that I am lacking, some of which I am may not even know about as yet.

My client base is not so much demographic, but those that suffer from the conditions I work with.

Why this project is of benefit to Kāpiti?:

The Ministry of Health states that 20% of New Zealand suffer with chronic pain, which means that many are unable to work, and further has a knock on effect on self-esteem and quality of life.

There is also a high focus on stress, anxiety and depression management, for which numbers are not readily available.

With the currently overloaded medical system; other than strong pharmaceutical medicines, there is very little in the way of effective relief, and many that depend on opioids or other drugs, are unable to get work due to failing a drug test.

Providing an effective, drug and chemical free, solution can effectively help people de-stress, reduce depression and anxiety and relieve pain, which means that people can get back to work, come off any drug dependency, return their self-esteem and give them their quality of life back.

Skill Gaps:

Existing Skills/Experience:

I have a lot of life and business experience. I know my product and what it is capable of.

I have been, and will continue to be, trained by a former 20 year acoustic sound engineer in the US Navy, who has since cross-trained and has been training medical staff in the USA on the body’s anatomy. Therefore, I feel confident that my training is coming from a solid base.

I have a background in sales and have been an IT Business and Data Analyst, and am therefore familiar with, and confident using, technology.

I have someone writing up my Health & Safety plan.


Project Owner Name: Debby Emeny

Contact Phone Number: 021800293

Email Address: debby@rezonate.co.nz


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