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The Independence Collective

The Independence Collective

Project Owner Name: Gordon Cumming Contact

Current Project Team Members:
Nathan Martin
Janie Martin
Neville Pugh
Cameron Stichbury

Project Description and Objectives:
The Independence Collective is a cooperative set up to provide business ownership opportunities and a pathway to financial independence for individuals with an intellectual disability. We operate in the social enterprise space.
The collective are building a social brand within the food and beverage space that will be leveraged to provide that pathway to financial independence.
As the collective expands it will provide opportunities for individuals with an intellectual disability throughout New Zealand to gain financial independence.

Why this project is of benefit to Kāpiti?:

The project will provide a pathway to financial independence for individuals on the Kapiti Coast and beyond.
The project will also provide positive media exposure for the Kapiti Coast.
Key Stakeholders to be consulted: Food and beverage distribution networks.
Nationally recognised breweries.

Other food and beverage manufacturers.

Skill Gaps: Skills Required:
Social media
Website design and maintenance
Supply chain and logistics experience.

Funding Gap: Not applicable Other Resources Required: Business premises to operate from here in Kapiti. Potential Funders: Not applicable.

Email theicnz@gmail.com
Phone number 027 276 8516
Gordon Cummings

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