Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) Project Preparation

The New Zealand Government has allocated funds to invest in regional economic development through the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) and Kāpiti has recently been approved as a region allowed to submit projects to the PGF for funding. This is a unique opportunity to accelerate economic development across the region.

KEDA is available to offer advice and support regarding meeting the PGF criteria if applicants wish. If interested, click Submit a Draft PGF Project on this page.

KEDA can also help gauge community interest/support prior to submitting a project to the PGF. To that effect, a project summary may be shared among the various KEDA networks. This summary will only show the Project Name and Project Description and Objectives. Should you not want this information shared outside of KEDA, please specify so clearly in the form.

Disclaimers: 1. KEDA will not submit applications to PGF on behalf of project author. Submitting a draft application to KEDA is optional, entirely independent of PGF review and/or PGF approval and purely for preparation and gauging community support purposes. The project author will have to submit a proper application directly to the PGF, should they choose to do so. 2. KEDA’s review of the project by no means constitutes a guarantee that the project will be accepted by PGF.