KEDA Project application eligibility

Project benefits:

Projects can be for profit or not-for-profit but should offer benefit to the wider community, for example:

  • Fits with the Kapiti Coast Economic Development Strategy and Long Term Plan
  • Creates employment and/or training opportunites, especially for young people
  • Utilises local businesses or creates opportunities for them
  • Attracts businesses to Kapiti
  • Attracts tourists to Kapiti
  • Improves the community ‘feel’ (e.g. sculptures)
  • Improves the quality of living for the community
  • Increases exports from the region
  • Ecologically innovative solution that can be profiled 

Project Risks and Success Factors

We also will look at the risk and success factors such as:

  • Specific project risks
  • Resources needed
  • Likelihood of attracting funding
  • Consent requirements
  • Project complexity
  • Overall likelihood of success