PGF objectives and key criteria

(Excerpt from the Guide to Provincial Growth Fund)

PGF Objectives:

  • Creating jobs leading to sustainable economic growth
  • Increasing social inclusion and participation
  • Enabling Maori to realise aspirations in all aspects of the economy
  • Encouraging environmental sustainability and helping New Zealand meet climate change commitments alongside productive use of land, water and other resources
  • Improving resilience, particularly of critical infrastructure, and by diversifying our economy

Key Criteria for evaluation:

  • Does the project lift the productivity potential of a region or regions? Does it contribute to the PGF objectives?
  • Does the project create additional value and avoid duplicating existing efforts?
  • Is there a link to the regional priorities and are key local stakeholders supportive?
  • Will the project be well managed, well governed and have an appropriate risk/reward pay/off?

In addition:

  • The application must NOT be inconsistent with the local regional economic development plan. See link to the Kapiti Coast District Council Long Term Plan 2018 here (the section on Economic Development is located in Part 1, and starts on page 89:
  • Housing, water and irrigation and social infrastructure (such as hospitals and schools) are not eligible for PGF


The official Guide to the Provincial Growth Fund can be downloaded here:

More information available on the MBIE website: