Kapiti Economic Development Association KEDA

Mike Cardiff – Districtwide

Mike Cardiff – Districtwide

  1. What do you consider to be the biggest opportunities and threats facing Kapiti over the next five to ten years?

I see the opportunities for Kapiti as being the capability for future housing development, the importance of the airport and precinct, the effects resulting from the completion of transmission gully and the current availability of commercial land within the district.

The threats as I see it are the global economy, climate change and housing affordability.


  1. Economic growth has benefits for everyone living in the district. Kapiti needs a sound economic development strategy. How would you go about ensuring the strategy is developed and implemented and who should be involved?

Council has developed an economic strategy in 2015 and spends around 2.8 million dollars a year on operating costs for economic development.  Council is currently refreshing this strategy and is encouraging relevant stakeholders to participate and contribute.


  1. Will Kapiti have the infrastructure needed to support projected population growth? If not, what are the key priorities for infrastructure development?

It is my understanding that we will have the infratstructure needed to support the projected population growth.  This is reflected in Council’s Annual Plan, Long Term Plan and District Plan.


  1. Council has a goal of being “Open for Business”. What does this term mean to you and what can Council do to ensure it achieves this goal?

If someoe comes to the Council front desk with a problem, they should be able to go away without one or alternatively how an issue if one still remains, can be resolved. Council has committed to an independent organisational review which will specifically address this issue and identify the way forward.


  1. Does Council have a role to encourage businesses to relocate or establish here? If so, what kind of support should Council offer?

I believe Council does have a role that encourages business to relocate and establish here. It can do this by encouraging local leadership and facilitation to find solutions to local issues.


  1. How Important is it to tell the “Kapiti Story” and how would you go about supporting a project to do this?

The story of Kapiti is vital to the district and this can be done by contiuously promoting Kapiti not only as tourist destintation but also a desirable place to live with a focus on young families.


  1. The future of the well-patronised Kapiti Community Centre is in doubt due to the discovery of leaks and mould in the building. Do you believe Kapiti needs a Community Centre? If so, what needs to happen to ensure we have one?

I belive Kapiti does need a Community Centre and Council needs to ensure that the present facility remains. Council also needs to have a wider role in managing the Centre.


  1. There has been much debate over the proposed Kapiti Gateway project. There are varying views on the need for a Gateway, the proposed cost and the proposed location. How would you work towards a solution that is acceptable to the various stakeholders, including Council, the community, retailers, visitors and affected parties?

My understanding is this work is already underway with Council being the faciltator.  In my view, a major role should be undertaken here by the Department of Conservation as they are the land owners. In particular, it is vital that any new proposed building should be a fully operational interpretive centre promoting Kapiti Island and the Marine Reserve.

The boating club and diving club should also be accommodated in this building


  1. The Raumati Swimming Pool complex has been lying idle for some time. It has been proposed that the complex be used to develop a Marine Discovery Centre, which would have both local and national significance. Do you support the development of such a Centre? How should it be funded? Who should lead this project?

The Marine Discovery Centre is one of several proposed developments that has been reccomnded to Council for this site.  In every case, the funding of these developments has been a stumbling block primarily as the proposals have not had robust business plans.

Any major project here should be a joint venture with Council.


  1. What are your views on the protection of our coastlines and key coastal infrastructure?

I believe our coastline where erosion effects households and infrastructure, should be protected.  There is strong evidence that this is achiveable when working with those effected.

I acknowledge that Climate change is a serious challenge for New Zealand as well as a global issue.

Our region has an extremely vulnerable coastline, prior to making any decisions at a local level, we should be informed with exacting science that needs to be driven and determined by central government, not at the expense of ratepayers.



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