Dick van den Oever

Dick van den Oever

I am an audiovisual producer and director with exceptional technical skills and international experience in big scale productions with a high technical complexity level, however it is my ability to get the best out of people that stands me apart from my competitors.  Whether we capture the moment on stage, on camera, or in a corporate meeting I’m always looking to innovate with integrity to get a production of the very highest quality.

My 30 years in the ever-changing audio-visual world gives my clients surety, and my ability to understand the unique needs each client has have brought me exceptional results.

One of my missions and the reason I am a member of KEDA is to improve collaboration. We all know that our Kāpiti Coast area business-wise and community-wise is divided into silos. To have a thriving community we need to collaborate and break down those silos. In the 8 years I live in this area I finally sense improvement and willingness to do so.

Looking for ways to attract money to our area is another goal that also aligns with the KEDA mission and vision.
I am a founding member of the Digital Leadership Forum, Board of Trustees member of Kāpiti College, founding member of KEDA, Kāpiti Performing Arts centre funding committee member, KYAT sponsor and StartupWeekend mentor as well as provider of imagery and video for the council to attract tourists.
Recently I’ve set up a venture that will attract boards and management teams of corporates, Govt and NGOs to have their offsite (meeting away from their office) in our Kāpiti Coast area where we connect all the dots (venue, accommodation, transportation, catering, leisure program, facilitation). See www.meetoutcome.nz

I’m looking forward to great collaboration and think KEDA will play an important role in that mission.

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