Darren Hunter

Darren is director and principle designer of Hunter Architecture Ltd. Darren has been practicing architecture for 30 years. Hunter Architecture is a small practice with experience in largely domestic Architecture but also hospitality and commercial.

30 years of experience has given Darren a good insight into the running of local government, relating to the Building Act, Resource Management Act and Building Compliance. A Professional member of Architectural Designers NZ for over 10 years, and an assessor for incoming new members.

Hunter Architecture is not only a Design practice but in recent years commissioned to undertake costing, project management and all compliance documentation on behalf of their clients.

As a Kapiti Coast resident since 1997, Darren is hoping to see a more dynamic, innovative design focus for our built environment.
Darren is currently working on a proposal for Papakainga living (family collective living). Darren believes the current housing shortage requires alternative and innovative housing solutions.

Darren also has a keen interest in sustainable tourism development to complement their successful Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery.

Architecture, Design, Government relations, Project management