Kapiti Economic Development Association KEDA

Mark Benton – Paraparaumu WARD

Mark Benton – Paraparaumu WARD

1. Growth is the answer to both parts of the question. The expected growth will give us our biggest opportunities, but at the same time it will be our biggest threat if not dealt with properly.

2. The KCDC is currently refreshing it’s Economic Development Strategy in conjunction with a number stakeholder groups including KEDA. The implementation of this strategy will depend on the presentation of this strategy and if the elected councillors agree with it.

3. At present we do and as long as we keep our eye on the ball there shouldn’t be to many problems.

4. I personally feel the term “Open for Business” is almost the problem. A number of people feel it means different things and when anyone has problem they say the council isn’t open. In my opinion the term means we as a council, both staff and elected members, should do our utmost to help our clients. This does not mean however everything can happen, as rules and regulations must be followed, and there in lies most of the problems. However to achieve the goal “Open for Business” ,to me it means be as helpful as possible.

5.I wouldn’t say we have a role in getting businesses to relocate here necessarily, but definitely we have a role encouraging businesses to be here. Support comes in many ways and that support would have to be looked at on a case by case scenario.

6. During the councils initial discussions about Economic Development it was clear the parties wanted the ‘Kapiti Story’ developed. Once this story has been written we will then need to tell it, through a marketing campaign.

7. Yes I believe we need a Community Centre. The elected members will have to look at the figures and work out a plan to either repair or replace the current one.

8. Yes there has been much debate over the proposed Kapiti Gateway project and there has also been a lot of misinformation used. Currently the Council staff are trying to facilitate meting with affected parties initially. This will take time, remembering there are a lot of affected parties. The best thing I can do currently is let the stuff do their job and stay out of their way. Once they have their work then I can comment.

9. While I think it is a wonderful idea, the big problem is the funding and that needs to be sorted before things go to far. As for leading the project, it needs to be a joint project between all parties that are involved.

10. This needs to be led by central government, in conjunction with councils and affected parties.

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