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KickStart Kapiti

KEDA’s lead programme for supporting idea creators, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses (in their first year or two) is called KickStart Kapiti.

The KickStart Kapiti programme is a three month programme free to members, providing participants with access to a business mentor, assistance with business planning and overall development of the idea. A KickStart ‘Project’ is established with KEDA when an applicant registers with us.

A Project can be any idea that has potential to develop into a commercially viable business or venture that benefits Kapiti’s economic and community development. Once a Project is accepted, a KEDA Mentor will be assigned to the Project owner to assess needs, undertake an initial feasibility analysis and scope the programme. At the conclusion of the three month programme, project owners have the opportunity to showcase their idea at a KickStart Evening attended by a cross section of the local community that includes potential investors, business partners and other stakeholders who can help take projects to their next stage of growth.

If you have an idea that needs the input of others to realise its potential, then KickStartKapiti is a great place to start.

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Laurie Wilson

Laurie Wilson | KickStart Kapiti Director

Laurie is a Committee member of KEDA and Deputy Chair. He leads the KickStart Kapiti programme and can be reached directly for any questions you may have.

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