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KickStart Kapiti Projects​


Project Description and Objectives: Provide an environmentally friendly solution to both business and private goods deliveries. Why this project is of benefit to Kapiti?: The option should reduce the amount of ‘damaging’ vehicles on the roads. This is a start up business, with nowhere else in NZ currently offering this service. Should provide the Kapiti

Secure Time

Project Description and Objectives: To educate residents about – their existing security alarms and the need to maintain them – the possibilities available today for alarms, CCTV, home automation and interfacing with their mobile phones – the associated risks Why this project is of benefit to Kāpiti?: People need to feel secure in their homes 

Pics To People Kapiti

Description and Objectives: Pics to People is an initiative to bring digital imagery from the community into the rest Homes and retirement Villages on the Kapiti Coast. Why this project is of benefit to Kāpiti?: Connecting elderly and less mobile members of our community with their wider community through the use of digital imagery. Connecting 

Kapiti Goodies

Project Description and Objectives: Established in 2018, Kāpiti Goodies showcase the best of Kapiti. In our beautiful crates, you will find treasures all made and produced in Kāpiti. Each box has been handcrafted by The Shed Project in Paraparaumu, providing opportunities for the differently-abled. Each product has been hand-selected, made by a passionate local artisan

Kāpiti Craft Beer, BBQ and Food Truck Festival

Kāpiti Craft Beer, BBQ and Food Truck Festival aims to be a premier event on the Kāpiti Coast, promoting the great beer and food produced in the region. The key benefits: Promote Food vendors and Breweries, increasing exports from the region Promote Kāpiti as a destination and attract out of town visitors Provide a cornerstone

Kapiti Book

Project Description and Objectives: A light book about Kapiti through Kapiti Foodies sharing stories and recipes. From Paekakariki to Otaki Why this project is of benefit to Kāpiti?: It’s one set of stories story about Kapiti Key Stakeholders to be consulted: KCDC (have promised to put on their website) Airport Cafes B&B’s Skill Gaps: Social 

Interactive Kinetic Water Sculpture

Interactive Kinetic water sculpture. to bring people to the beach front area, to help local businesses, to help the unique beach front village survive. It helps put Kapiti on the map as a destination when people are traveling. Stakeholders to be consulted: KCDC, Iwi, Community, Small groups and individuals. Skill gaps: Sourcing funding, coordination role

Time Genie

The purpose of Time Genie is to provide Personal Concierge and Errand Services. This boils down to doing stuff for busy people. The scope of this work is wide, my objectives are to streamline tasks to include: – helping elderly people stay in their own homes, by providing companionship, assisting with tasks such as washing

Vibrating into Health

Project Description Objectives: By using leading edge treatments my aim is to improve or restore individuals health, wellbeing and emotional state of mind. My objective is to find a coach/mentor that can guide me on how to reach and grow my client base and my business, and fill in the gaps that I am lacking,

Framed Alive

Project Description and Objectives: To introduce indoor and outdoor vertical gardens to the Kapiti Area and beyond. To increase sales from my business. I aim to sell at least one large custom made frame or 6 small frames per week to enable me to cease working for someone else. Why this project is of benefit

Electric Vehicles (EV) Destination KAPITI

Destination Electric Vehicles (EV) chargers located in areas of Kāpiti where we want people from outside the district to visit – eg Kāpiti island departure point, Paraparaumu and Waikanae beach cafes, Paekakariki, Otaki beach, Otaki SH1 shops etc. This would promote Kāpiti as a destination for a day trip where parking and charging is taking [

Enterprising @ 50 Plus

Project Description and Objectives: The ‘Enterprising at 50plus’ Network is a group of people who, at 50 plus, have started or intend to start their own business. This is a Network for people who, at mid life and beyond, may or may not be employed elsewhere, are self-starters, have an idea, have a product(s), or

Memory Box

Project Description and Objectives: The mission for Memory Box is to utilize technology to democratize history. As an MVP, we are creating the Memory Box ‘Gift of a Lifetime’ – a box of equipment (microphone, tripod, guide) and access to a platform giving you professional advice on how to record and a place to store

Community-Owned Power Generation

This project aims to provide fully community-owned power generation of  4 MegaWatts. It would create management and employment job opportunities, provide an alternative power source from the Transpower High Voltage Grid, a lower price retail power, a reduced reliance on High Voltage transmission and local resilience in power failure events. As a community owned cooperative, it


The Māori land Hub is excited to host the first Latin America and Spain Film Festival (LASFF) in Kāpiti from September 7th-16th. LASFF Kāpiti will launch on the 7th of September at 6 pm with a screening of documentary “BEYOND MY GRANDFAT

Kāpiti Marine Education, Research and Activity Centre

KEDA is providing project support to The Guardians of Kāpiti Marine Reserve (GoKMR) to consider the feasibility of establishing a community marine education, research and activity centre near the beachfront in Raumati. It is proposed that this centre would include 3 main areas of business/operation as follows: A public marine discovery center including: Aquariums, wet/touch

Positioning Kāpiti

The aim of this project is to develop and communicate an inspiring vision for Kapiti to attract businesses and tourists to our region. The project will be done with key stakeholders and has three phases: Stage 1 – Researching the Kapiti Story. Data analysis of current Kapiti businesses, economic conditions in the region and local

The Independence Collective

Project Owner Name: Gordon Cumming Contact Current Project Team Members: Nathan Martin Janie Martin Neville Pugh Cameron Stichbury Project Description and Objectives: The Independence Collective is a cooperative set up to provide business ownership opportunities and a pathway to financial independence for individuals with an intellectual disability. We operate in the social enterprise space. The

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