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KickStart Kapiti Projects

KEDA has been involved with many fresh and exciting business ideas in Kapiti over the years. Take a moment to read more about some of these in our successful projects section below. We were proud to be a part of their journeys, as we will during your journey too.

Successful Projects


Project Description and Objectives: Provide an environmentally friendly solution to both business and private goods deliveries. Why this project is of benefit to Kapiti?: The option should reduce the amount of ‘damaging’ vehicles on the roads. This is a start up business, with nowhere else in NZ currently offering this service.

Kāpiti Goodies

Project Description and Objectives: Established in 2018, Kāpiti Goodies showcase the best of Kapiti. In our beautiful crates, you will find treasures all made and produced in Kāpiti. Each box has been handcrafted by The Shed Project in Paraparaumu, providing opportunities for the differently-abled. Each product has been hand-selected, made by a passionate local.

Time Genie

Project Description and Objectives: The purpose of Time Genie is to provide Personal Concierge and Errand Services. This boils down to doing stuff for busy people. The scope of this work is wide, my objectives are to streamline tasks to include: – helping elderly people stay in their own homes, by providing companionship and assisting with tasks.

Vibrating into Health/Rezonate Wellness Centre

Project Description Objectives: By using leading edge treatments my aim is to improve or restore individuals health, wellbeing and emotional state of mind. My objective is to find a coach/mentor that can guide me on how to reach and grow my client base and my business, and fill in the gaps that I am lacking.

Framed Alive

Project Description and Objectives: To introduce indoor and outdoor vertical gardens to the Kapiti Area and beyond. To increase sales from my business. I aim to sell at least one large custom made frame or 6 small frames per week to enable me to cease working for someone else.

50 Plus Entrepreneurs

Project Description and Objectives: The ‘Enterprising at 50plus’ Network is a group of people who, at 50 plus, have started or intend to start their own business. This is a Network for people who, at mid life and beyond, may or may not be employed elsewhere, are self-starters, have an idea, and have a product(s).

Kāpiti Marine Education Research Activity Centre

Project Description and Objectives: KEDA is providing project support to The Guardians of Kāpiti Marine Reserve (GoKMR) to consider the feasibility of establishing a community marine education, research and activity centre near the beachfront in Raumati. It is proposed that this centre would include 3 main areas of business/operation as follows: A public marine discovery center including: Aquariums, wet/touch.

Independence Collective

Project Description and Objectives: The Independence Collective is a cooperative set up to provide business ownership opportunities and a pathway to financial independence for individuals with an intellectual disability. We operate in the social enterprise space.

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