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KEDA makes submission on the Long Term Plan

KEDA makes submission on the Long Term Plan

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 KEDA has provided feedback and made a submission on the Long Term Plan. Whilst the committee believes the submission to be representative of the majority of its approximately 200 (and growing) members and subscribers, it acknowledges that some individual member views may differ.

We provide a background to KEDA and some of its recent, current and proposed activities. We submit some commentary and recommendations on some key and significant issues as we believe they pertain to the interests of KEDA members.

In sum KEDA believes the district needs to invest smartly for resilience and growth by increasing rates; conditionally supports the formation of a CCO to assist create growth and mitigate future rate increases; targeting, actively funding and supporting key industry sectors; agrees that council should take a bigger role in affordable housing; strongly disagrees with any involvement of operating an airport; recommends that economic development costs should be borne by the community at large and the funding managed by the independent Economic Development Kotahitanga Board (EDKB) which needs to be properly resourced, including an independent professional Economic Development Manager who liaises with the business community and reports to the EDKB. However, KEDA believes the amount determined for funding economic development is well short of what is necessary to implement and deliver the districts Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Plan (Plan).

Finally, we outline our proposal to deliver on our role as Lead and Partner under the Plan with a startup to commercialisation programme and a business hub, with a request for funding in order to deliver optimal results for the Kāpiti community. To see full submission Submission LTP 0100521

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