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Kathryn Spiers – Paraparaumu WARD

Kathryn Spiers – Paraparaumu WARD

No. 1      Sustainable growth of the region that ensures it maintains and increases its vitality but does not lose the essence of all the great natural beauty the region offers.  I recognise the need for commercial development to meet the needs of the business community.  Commercial dvelopment must have a purpose beyond profit, it must also be clearly beneficial to the community


No. 2      We need representatives from across the community to ensure the broadest range of voices are heard  I believe we need strong leadership in the development of the strategy and an agreement and understanding from all parties involved that this plan needs to be developed within a pragmatic and positive environment.  We need to set the expectations from the outset of the planning programme – collaboation, compromise and ultimately what is best for the community,


No. 3      The key priorities for infrastructure are water, wastewater, roading, waste management


No. 4      I agree with the sentiment of the council being ‘Open For Business’ as we certainly need more jobs, better paid jobs and a vibrant community.  I want a council that encourages entrepreneurialism and a positive approach to business – this is critical.  We have to all work together if our future is to be successful and sustainable.


No.5      Yes, the council has a natural role in promoting businesses to relocate and establish in the region.  I’m less inclinded to offer financial inducements as I believe that sets the wrong tone for the future.  For me it would be about highlighting the educated and motivated workforce, the strength of the relevant infrastructure and its prime location.  There is no reason why we can’t attract Wellingtonians to commute to the coast if there are fantastic opportiunities for employment here.


No. 6      It’s very important.  I’ve been on the coast for most of my life and I have watched it change and grow dramatically.  It is such a beautiful, incredible retion – I am proud of it and we need to promote it more.  I would put my full support behind such a project, working with a range of successful people from the business, arts, sports worlds – getting them to promote how growing up in the region helped give them what they needed to succeed


No. 7      Kapiti most definitely needs a Community Centre   I would like to see an Indoor Sports Stadium which incorporates a community centre.  We can make this happen by bringing sports, social and community groups together.


No. 8      I support the Gateway Project the solution to engaging (listening) to our communities in finding a solution.


No. 9      I support the Marine Discovery Centre using the old Raumati Pool Building.


No. 10   We need to look after our coastline and key coastal infrastructure.


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