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Kapiti Book

Kapiti Book

Project Description and Objectives:

A light book about Kapiti through Kapiti Foodies sharing stories and recipes. From Paekakariki to Otaki

Why this project is of benefit to Kāpiti?:

It’s one set of stories story about Kapiti Key Stakeholders to be consulted: KCDC (have promised to put on their website)

Skill Gaps:

Social media marketing needed
We have:
Publishing skills
Photography and some marketing

Funding Gap:

For a second print run of 1000 we would need $5000 Potential Funders: Bank?
Not approached anyone yet

Project Name: Kapiti Book
Project Owner Name: Joanna Piatek and Michelle Lovi
Contact Phone Number: 021964822
Email Address: joanna@byfriday.co.nz
Current Project Team Members: Joanna Piatek, Michelle Lovi

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