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Jackie Elliot – Mayor – Districtwide

Jackie Elliot – Mayor – Districtwide

1. What do you consider to be the biggest opportunities and threats facing Kapiti over the next five to ten years?

The biggest opportunities would be the opening of Transmission Gully, The relocation of Wellington based businesses and Government departments following a major earthquake. Expansion of Kapiti Landings air travel connections to other districts and maximising the talents, skills and expertise of the people here. I would consider the immediate aftermath of a major earthquake and worldwide financial market collapse as the biggest threats.

2. Economic growth has benefits for everyone living in the district. Kapiti needs a sound economic development strategy. How would you go about ensuring the strategy is developed and implemented and who should be involved?

As the K.C.D.C. Economic Development strategy has just been refreshed, Kapiti is well placed to take advantage of economic development. Stakeholders will continue to include local business leaders and business representative organisations, a regional E.D. body, the council and rural sector representatives.

3. Will Kapiti have the infrastructure needed to support projected population growth? If not, what are the key priorities for infrastructure development?

Yes. The three waters infrastructure is due for a complete upgrade. UFB rollout completed across the district. Roading is up to date and the water supply secured for the next 30 years with capacity for growth. Building water storage to supply Kapiti and other parts of the region would be next, along with a local hospital.

4. Council has a goal of being “Open for Business”. What does this term mean to you and what can Council do to ensure it achieves this goal?

I was one of the councillors who implemented ‘Open for Business’ For me, it simply means the council investing in the training of all staff across all workstreams to be welcoming and customer and service focused in all interactions with the public, being able to anticipate their needs and join them up with other departments across the workstreams without the public having to navigate the organisation themselves. Project managers would be useful in the consents, planning and Economic development activities .

5. Does Council have a role to encourage businesses to relocate or establish here? If so, what kind of support should Council offer?

Council has traditionally offered rates packages incentives. This and a project manager would be ideal, I do not believe it is proper for the organisation to be involved in any interaction relating to amendments to the District Plan

6. How Important is it to tell the “Kapiti Story” and how would you go about supporting a project to do this?

As a former tourist guide on Kapiti Island for five year and a publ;ished local history author Ii think it is very important to tell the Kapiti story.

7. The future of the well-patronised Kapiti Community Centre is in doubt due to the discovery of leaks and mould in the building. Do you believe Kapiti needs a Community Centre? If so, what needs to happen to ensure we have one?

Yes, this facility is well used. I would expect council will have it properly assessed and a refurbishment scoped out, pending the cost either a refurbishment with an extension to increase the amount of larger meeting rooms to meet a growth in demand. Preliminary scoping has been done. Or a new one built with consultation to ascertain what the community wants. This is a leaky building due to building methods and materials and has been leaking since the day it was opened.

8. There has been much debate over the proposed Kapiti Gateway project. There are varying views on the need for a Gateway, the proposed cost and the proposed location. How would you work towards a solution that is acceptable to the various stakeholders, including Council, the community, retailers, visitors and affected parties?

As a Guide on Kapiti Island for five years I absolutely believe we need to protect the islands environment and ned a facility for this, so from an operational point of view this is vital. We have already secured an open scope of possible sites within the McLean park management plan. Stakeholders to include club members, D.O.C. Iwi, Council, business community and concessionairs.

9. The Raumati Swimming Pool complex has been lying idle for some time. It has been proposed that the complex be used to develop a Marine Discovery Centre, which would have both local and national significance. Do you support the development of such a Centre? How should it be funded?

Who should lead this project? This is one of many great ideas for this building and it has always been intended that an expressions of interest process be carried out to choose the best business plan for future use of the redeveloped Waterfront building. Project leader, a trust or similar body or organisation. Funding through community fundraising,and other opportunities.

10. What are your views on the protection of our coastlines and key coastal infrastructure?

Our coastline features every extreme possible and there will be many solutions along it. First K.C.D.C. needs to partner to fund updated research on the channel and sand reserves in it. I believe this should be carried out in partnership with other T.A’s along this west coast. Upgrading existing 3waters infrastructure is councils first step to ensuring resilience for the community. Managed retreat is a very real option for Kapiti and every other coastal district.

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