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It’s Time to Get Serious About Economic Development in Kapiti

It’s Time to Get Serious About Economic Development in Kapiti

The Kāpiti Coast has the potential to be one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand in the coming decades and it’s vital that we don’t let the opportunities before us slip by. 

To that end, a group of leading Kapiti business and professional people have volunteered their time to establish the Kapiti Economic Development Agency (KEDA), which aims to connect locals who are passionate about the Kāpiti Coast with innovative projects that will help support more jobs, higher incomes, and maintain the great lifestyle that makes Kāpiti the place we love to call home.

Chairperson Liz Koh says “KEDA has been formed to put our communities and our ratepayers in the driving seat on Economic Development (ED) with the focus on getting things done. For too long we have talked and strategised about how to grow our economy and now it’s time to get serious about ED in Kapiti. 

Ms Koh says Economic Development focuses on the economic lever as an important driver for investment, jobs, growth and ultimately the prosperity of our communities.

“Without it we could very well end up being a dormitory suburb for the workers of Wellington City, or strangling visitor growth without suitable infrastructure, accommodation or hospitality for a burgeoning tourism sector, or perhaps end up as a district that relies too heavily on a very narrow range of industry and jobs. It’s not just businesses who benefit from ED, it is the whole community.” 

KCDC is in the throes of finalising the Long Term Plan to 2038. KEDA’s submission has called for the establishment of an independent Economic Development Agency representing key stakeholder groups by 2020. “KCDC does not have the resources to undertake ED projects on its own,” says Ms Koh. “ED needs to be a partnership between central, regional and local government, businesses and community groups to find the necessary resources and make things happen.”



Members of the community with skills and interests in Economic Development are encouraged to join KEDA at www.keda.nz

Liz KohFor more information contact:

Liz Koh

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