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Interactive Kinetic Water Sculpture

Interactive Kinetic Water Sculpture

Interactive Kinetic water sculpture. to bring people to the beach front area, to help local businesses, to help the unique beach front village survive. It helps put Kapiti on the map as a destination when people are traveling.

Stakeholders to be consulted: KCDC, Iwi, Community, Small groups and individuals.

Skill gaps: Sourcing funding, coordination role once project starts, communication role to weave the progress into a story on social media.

Funding gaps: 60K to 100K depending on additional features.

Other resources: workspace for public involvement

Potential funders: Philanthropists, Crowd sourced

Project Owner: Steve Aiken

Phone Number: 02102912535

Email address: steveaiken08@gmail.com

Team members: Steve Aiken, Al Edwards

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