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We have developed this FAQ from our most commonly asked questions. We hope this helps to save you time. Naturally if you have a question which is not answered here, please reach out and Contact Us.


What is the vision for KEDA?

Our vision is to be champions for Kapiti Coast economic development by helping establish Kapiti as a centre of excellence and support for start-ups, small businesses and community projects.


We will achieve this through consistent delivery of our mentoring, training, commercialisation and investment programmes, and provision of business support services available at our Business Hub.

Is KEDA an economic development agency?

No. We are the Kapiti Economic Development Association which reflects the fact that we are a network of advisers, business people, investors, organisations who share a common purpose -to actively grow Kapiti's economy. In addition to KEDA there are three other key stakeholders involved in economic development in Kapiti.

WellingtonNZ is the Wellington region’s economic development agency. They work with KCDC's economic development unit and Kapiti’s independent Economic Development Kotahitanga Board (EDKB) who develop and implement the district's Economic Development Strategy. KEDA has a lead role in that plan and works closely with all three agencies.

What is the difference between KEDA and the Kapiti Chamber of Commerce?

Both organisations have an interest in Kapiti's growth and economic wellbeing. The Chamber's role is essentially as an advocacy and networking agency. Their stated mission is "to advance our local economy by creating wealth and employment, connecting people and working together to solve local business issues".

KEDA's role is to actively promote innovation and assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, growth businesses and social enterprises. We do this with our online and one-on-one mentor service, business training, professional adviser and peer networks. We also provide our members with hot desks and a meeting room through our Business Hub which encourages innovation and collaboration opportunities.

Why is the membership subscription so cheap?

We want there to be as few barriers as possible to enjoying the benefits of membership. We aim to have a wide membership base including existing businesses, advisers, organisations, social enterprises, mentors and investors. The more members the better so we can build a larger and stronger network that contributes to Kapiti’s economic wellbeing.


How much will the Mentoring service cost me?

The KEDA one-on-one mentor service is free to all KEDA members for up to 3-months. To be a member you must pay the annual $25.00 membership fee which will then entitle you to receive other member benefits.

What is the difference between a Mentor and an Adviser?

Mentors provide a free service to guide, support, and facilitate business owners planning and decision making. They are usually an experienced business person with generalist knowledge about setting up and running a business. They can be advisers, senior managers, business owners or retired business people.


An Adviser is a professional who will charge for their service- or subject matter expertise, usually trained for or acquired through experience. They incur the usual costs of operating a business, are accountable for their work and liable for the advice they provide. Professional advisers usually take the form of an adviser, director, consultant, coach or trainer.


I have an idea that I think will sell. I need to start a business. Where to from here?

You must be a paid-up member of KEDA to receive assistance with your project. You can join KEDA here.

Helping start-up businesses is a core function of KEDA. If you have a good idea that you want to make happen, then simply register your project on this website by completing the application form.

Your application will be reviewed by our team of mentors and one will be assigned to discuss your project and goals with you. Our team of mentors cover a wide range of business skills and industries so we’re sure to have someone with the right experience to help you.

Your mentor will then work with you free for up to three months, helping you to develop a business plan and strategies to help launch your venture. After 3-months, you could qualify to present your business at one of our Kickstart events - an opportunity to showcase your business to potential investors and other stakeholders who can help you along the way.

Past Kickstart events have showcased many businesses and a number have gone on to bigger and better things. Check out KEDA Projects to review some of our alumni and their thriving new ventures.

I am an established business. Why would I encourage start-ups who may compete with me?

A vibrant Kapiti economy benefits all. The bigger and stronger our local economy becomes, the more we will all individually benefit. We need regrowth, reinvigoration and sustainability. We want an environment that encourages innovation and provides opportunities for young, energetic entrepreneurs to come through with their ideas. Importantly, KEDA offers an opportunity for successful businesses to give back to the community that has served them so well; to mentor entrepreneurs so that they may benefit from our business community just as those before them did.

What is a KickStart Kapiti event?

A KickStart Kapiti event is an evening where business or project owners who have worked with our mentors get the opportunity to showcase their idea to other KEDA mentors, members and other interested parties. It provides business and project owners with the opportunity to get feedback on their ideas and plans, and could lead to investment opportunities or additional support to develop their ideas and plans further.

How to

How do I become a member of KEDA?

The fastest way to register is on this website, you can signup and pay the annual subscription instantly by clicking this link and completing the form.

How do I become a Mentor or Specialist Advisor?

First you must be a member of KEDA with an active subscription. Once that's achieved, you can apply to become either a Mentor or Specialist Advisor by clicking this link and completing the application form.

Once I'm registered, how do I complete my profile?

You will first of all need to login by clicking here. If you have forgotten your password though, complete the password reset process first by clicking here.

Once you are logged in, on the top right Menu select ‘My Profile’. From this one page you can complete all personalisation needed to complete your profile.

Populate all the fields available to you in order to make the most of your public directory profile and be aware that it can be indexed by search engines so ensure the information is correct and up to date.

I have an account but not an active subscription, how do I pay and renew?

You will first of all need to login by clicking here. If you have forgotten your password though, complete the password reset process first by clicking here.

  • Once you are logged in, on the top right Menu select ‘My Accounts & Subscriptions’.
  • Select ‘Subscriptions ‘on the left menu list.
  • Click ‘Browse Products’ on the right side.
  • ‘KEDA Member’ will load for $25per year – purchase and it will automatically assign to your account. You are now a paid up, active KEDA Member.

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