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Electra Business Breakfast – Panel on Economic Development

Electra Business Breakfast – Panel on Economic Development

Today, more than 130 persons attended the Electra Business Breakfast Panel discussion on Economic Development. The panelists were Liz Koh, Chair of KEDA, Julene Hope, Co-Chair of the Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce, Lance Walker, CEO of WREDA (Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency) and Wayne Maxwell, CE of the KCDC. This is particularly timely given the government allocation of funds to boost regional economic development, through the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF).

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to share their views and to participate in a poll identifying one of the four focus areas from the 2015 Kāpiti Economic Development Strategy as the most important.

Poll results are available here: https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/Electra_Business_Breakfast_-_7_Nov_2018_Poll_grouped_DO.pdf?token=AWxef6J85Be3f72IZrExepka3tzGS2V5iQW_cXloC5OnGmjlk9FlwCcjXLkRFRouDnjOIpDfXyxjFagxTwU0yx61wTX9b3r8A04oxcx-oaK2KXer8K5ayxOpLaxAoH3uc2gCv_W_I-YENBSrFtoO6cXs

The call for prompt, concrete action and for collaboration was clear!

KEDA is also offering support and advice to all interested in submitting a project to the PGF. For more information, refer to our PGF Project page here:


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