Kāpiti Marine Education, Research and Activity Centre

KEDA is providing project support to The Guardians of Kāpiti Marine Reserve (GoKMR) to consider the feasibility of establishing a community marine education, research and activity centre near the beachfront in Raumati.

It is proposed that this centre would include 3 main areas of business/operation as follows:

  1. A public marine discovery center including:
    • Aquariums, wet/touch tanks, a virtual marine reserve dive experience and interactive displays about marine conservation and the local marine environment
    • ECE, primary and secondary school and community environmental, marine and freshwater conservation education programs
    • Waka ama and starlight/celestial navigation education and activities
  2. Tertiary level education and research facility offering:
    • Graduate and Postgraduate level marine research programmes
    • Mātauranga Māori studies
  3. Marine research laboratory facilities which could host:
    • Marine laboratory & aquaculture research projects
    • Ocean acidification, coastal erosion and sedimentation impacts and monitoring

Skills Required

Project management, architectural design, feasibility studies, funding applications, stakeholder liaison.

Project Leader

Ben Knight