Kapiti Economic Development Association KEDA

Community-Owned Power Generation

Community-Owned Power Generation

This project aims to provide fully community-owned power generation of  4 MegaWatts.

It would create management and employment job opportunities, provide an alternative power source from the Transpower High Voltage Grid, a lower price retail power, a reduced reliance on High Voltage transmission and local resilience in power failure events. As a community owned cooperative, it would also provide a shared ownership and yearly dividend.

Key Stakeholders: Electra, power consumers both residential and commercial. As a co-operative, limited liability company, ownership is limited to one share per person or entity. Ownership of the company and all its assets remains with individuals or entities.

The project can only proceed with community participation and ownership.

At this point we would like to identify a small number of key people that can volunteer some time to bring the project to reality.

Skills: Legal, marketing, technical, accounting, administrative, web page maintenance.

Funding: $6 million coming from individuals or commercial entities. This translates to a participation of $3000 from 2000 people, to make the project a reality.

Coastal Energy: Phil Malpas plus existing  co-operative members (13)

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