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Auros Project

Auros Project

Project Description and Objectives: Our vision is that one day, all New Zealand will be able to dispose of rubbish without landfill. Our initial aim is to create one Auros processing plant in Kapiti that will be able to dispose of 2,000 Kapiti households waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Why this project is of benefit to Kāpiti?: Landfill is a significant contributor to climate change. Our mission is to ensure our earth and the environment is healthy for future generations by disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Key Stakeholders to be consulted:

Kapiti council (mayor, waste management advisor, local consent)
Greater Wellington Regional Council (regional regulations)
Kapiti households (initially Paekakariki to Paraparaumu South)
Waste operators
Minister for Environment (legislation)

Potential Funders:
We’ve applied for ministers for environment funding as part of the waste minimisation fund, 9Wire (social enterprise funding) and Westpac growth fund.

We’re seeking some grants or philanthropic funding to get started and then plan on seeking seed funding from investors. We have not received any funding to date.

Skill Gaps: Our current skills include business management, supply chain logistics, specialised equipment procurement, urban development and climate advocacy. We’re missing marketing skills, IT and social media skills.

Funding Gap: Pre seed funding – we’re short $60k which will be used to create a small scale processing plant, create a professional website and pay some of our staff to work more hours.

Other Resources Required: We’re currently putting together an Advisory Board.

Owner Name: Chris Law

Contact Phone Number: 0272224459

Email Address: chris.law@auros.nz

Current Project Team Members: Chris Law, Jeremy Robbie, Rewa Henderson, Vilem Reisskup, Monika Backstrom, Wendy Donnelly


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