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Month: August 2021

PRESS RELEASE: KEDA announces name change

Press Release 9.12.20 The Kapiti Economic Development Agency (KEDA) new board has voted to change its name to Kapiti Economic Development Association to better reflect its purpose as an association of businesses and professionals interested to actively support the growth and wellbeing of the Kapiti business eco system. With the advent of the newly appointed …

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Vibrating into Health

Project Description Objectives: By using leading edge treatments my aim is to improve or restore individuals health, wellbeing and emotional state of mind. My objective is to find a coach/mentor that can guide me on how to reach and grow my client base and my business, and fill in the gaps that I am lacking, …

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Memory Box Project

Project Description and Objectives: The mission for Memory Box is to utilize technology to democratize history. As an MVP, we are creating the Memory Box ‘Gift of a Lifetime’ – a box of equipment (microphone, tripod, guide) and access to a platform giving you professional advice on how to record and a place to store …

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Framed Alive

Project Description and Objectives: To introduce indoor and outdoor vertical gardens to the Kapiti Area and beyond. To increase sales from my business. I aim to sell at least one large custom made frame or 6 small frames per week to enable me to cease working for someone else. Why this project is of benefit …

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Enterprising @ 50 Plus

Project Description and Objectives: The ‘Enterprising at 50plus’ Network is a group of people who, at 50 plus, have started or intend to start their own business. This is a Network for people who, at mid life and beyond, may or may not be employed elsewhere, are self-starters, have an idea, have a product(s), or …

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Auros Project

Project Description and Objectives: Our vision is that one day, all New Zealand will be able to dispose of rubbish without landfill. Our initial aim is to create one Auros processing plant in Kapiti that will be able to dispose of 2,000 Kapiti households waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Why this project is of …

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Community-Owned Power Generation

This project aims to provide fully community-owned power generation of  4 MegaWatts. It would create management and employment job opportunities, provide an alternative power source from the Transpower High Voltage Grid, a lower price retail power, a reduced reliance on High Voltage transmission and local resilience in power failure events. As a community owned cooperative, it …

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Kāpiti Marine Education, Research and Activity Centre

KEDA is providing project support to The Guardians of Kāpiti Marine Reserve (GoKMR) to consider the feasibility of establishing a community marine education, research and activity centre near the beachfront in Raumati. It is proposed that this centre would include 3 main areas of business/operation as follows: A public marine discovery center including: Aquariums, wet/touch …

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